Pastor Dawn Leger

Pastor Dawn is an Anglican Priest serving at First Lutheran through the Full Communion relationship with the Anglican Church of Canada. She received her Masters of Divinity degree from Atlantic School of Theology in 2006 and is currently working on her PhD in Human Relationships at Martin Luther University College. Pastor Dawn has served in small and large churches in Nova Scotia and the Greater Toronto Area as well as ecumenical and interfaith chaplaincy at two Canadian Universities. All of her ministries have included building new initiatives and shepherding communities through major transitions. She is an active ally of the LGBTQ community and she believes that justice for all is close to the heart of God’s mission in the world. She lives with her spouse in downtown Toronto.

Scott Weidler

Scott Weidler is the Director of Music at First Lutheran, and is passionate about creating accessible, sacred space through music.

Drawing on extensive experience, and a deep love of a variety of musical traditions, Scott works to build community and enhance worship. Before relocation to Toronto and joining the team at First, as well as St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in Maple, Scott served the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as Program Director for Worship and Music for twenty-one years. He serves on the national board of the Leadership Program for Musicians, a cooperative program between the ELCA and the Episcopal Church, and on the board of trustees for Music that Makes Community. He has earned degrees in education, music, and liturgy from Concordia College, Wittenberg University, and the University of Notre Dame. He lives in downtown Toronto with his husband, Zia Ahmed.

Rachel Colman

Rachel Colman is the lead singer for The Table at First. She is a musician and piano teacher. She and her husband, Andrew, moved to Toronto from Winnipeg three years ago for Andrew to pursue studies at U of T. She teaches piano, works as a church music director, and does some administrative work. She grew up in southern Manitoba, with rich church music, and has been further formed through the songwriting and music leading at St. Benedict’s Table in Winnipeg.Rachel has a passion for music in church communities, helping groups sing together using both old and new music, and ministering to people through music, especially in making counter-cultural contemplative space.