Nov 2018

How does a congregation built by people with a different story of war remember? For the first time, we mark Remembrance Sunday in our own way, remembering the costs of war.


Nov 2018

For All Saints Sunday, we learn about saints, and what makes them remarkable.

Text: John 11:32-44

Oct 2018

This Sunday, our Council Chair, David Berg, shares his story about why and how he chooses to give to First through time, talent, and treasure.

Text Mark 10:17-31

Oct 2018

We give thanks for the blessings of this life, and recall why it is important to give thanks every day.

Texts: Psalm 126 and Matthew 25-33

Sep 2018

This week Pastor Dawn shares the story of the child and the kingdom of God, as we celebrate another baptism this month.

Sep 2018

Pastor Dawn speaks to the life lessons we learn when we are younger, our new outreach and ongoing relationship to Ryerson, the different identities represented and how they strengthen us.

Sep 2018

Pastor Dawn leads us through one single verse of scripture, from the Letter of James, inviting us to let the words sink in, reflect on them, and share our thoughts on the verse.

Aug 2018

Have you ever been so sure of something but nobody believes you? It can be frustrating beyond belief.

In today’s sermon, Pastor Dawn shares Jesus’s moment of this frustration and trying to tell his disciples who he is.

Aug 2018

Pastor Dawn shares the story of Elijah calling on God’s power and the resulting fear and depression that he experiences after, echoing an emotional roller coaster that many people encountering mental health are familiar with. But God wants to feed us, he does not choose death.

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