Facilities Rental

Due to construction, no rental facilities are available at this time.

Our location makes First an ideal place to host your meeting, workshop, family event or performance.

A five minute walk from Dundas station with ample street and affordable lot parking, we are easy to get to.

Near the heart of Toronto Metropolitan University’s campus gives you access to green space, coffee shops and interesting walks during breaks. Proximity to hotels and theatres with a full kitchen makes us a great small conference venue

Scroll down for a brief description of our available rooms. If you are interested, please fill in the form to the right.

Please note that, being an historic building, mobility accessibility is not available in all our rooms. We will strive to help you overcome these difficulties to assure the comfort of all our guests.

West Hall

As our main gathering space, our West Hall has large windows to allow plenty of sunlight and faces interesting murals. It has a platform and a screen ideal for workshops and presentations. This room is entirely wheelchair accessible from street level.


standing = 195 to 215
seating = 100 to 114
seating at tables = 80 to 90


Our beautiful, historic sanctuary boasts some of the finest architecture in the city. Our wooden, cathedral ceiling is ideal for live performance, and our pews make for unique, comfortable and convenient seating. We have been host to film sets and screenings, live theatre, musical performance, and, of course, weddings, baptisms, and funerals. A piano and an organ are also available for your use with prior agreement. This is an ideal space for your intimate and unique performance or celebration.


seated in pews = 130

Additional Kitchen Facilities

Hoping to host a meal or looking for a place for your caterers to set up? Our full service kitchen is ideal for everything from coffee breaks to full course meals.