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“A Home for All: Renewing the oikos of God” is the theme for the 2021 Ecumenical Season of Creation. “Oikos” is a Greek word which is the basis of the English prefix “eco” or “ecu” as we find it in ecumenical, economy, and ecology. Oikos is multi-valent; it can mean home and hearth, family and ancestors, dwelling and property. “Renewing the oikos of God – A Home for All” invites us to think and act in the home God has given all creatures and all creation. How do we steward and protect our creation home, a home of which we are also an integral part? This is an urgent question in a time when dire signs of climate change are all around us.

For a more robust exploration of “A Home for All: Renewing the oikos of God” please explore the celebration guide from the Lutheran World Federation.

Our worship services from September 1 to Thanksgiving will be rich with Creation themes. During the virtual coffee-hour you are invited to respond to a Creation-centered question.



September 5 – 15th Sunday after Pentecost
Holy Communion
Sermon – Pastor Ralph Carl Wushke
Coffee Hour Question: “Describe the most memorable moment, time or place when you were swept up in awe and wonder of God’s Creation, Mother Earth.”

September 12 – 16th Sunday after Pentecost
Service of the Word
Sermon – David Berg
Coffee Hour Question: “What ecological practice do you maintain that supports the environment and reduces climate change?”

September 19 – 17th Sunday after Pentecost
Holy Communion
Sermon – Pastor Ralph Carl Wushke
Coffee Hour Question: “What environmental campaigns or causes do you belong to, participate in, or contribute to regularly?”

September 26 – 18th Sunday after Pentecost
Service of the Word
Sermon – Andrew Blake
Coffee Hour Question: “In the face of climate change is there something that gives you hope?”

October 3 – 19th Sunday after Pentecost
Holy Communion – Blessing of the Animals
Sermon – Pastor Ralph Carl Wushke
Coffee Hour Question: “What ecological or environmental activities or project do you think First Lutheran could undertake as a congregation?”

October 10 – 20th Sunday after Pentecost –Thanksgiving Service of the Word
Sermon – Divy Sallentes Uptegrove
Coffee Hour Question: “What part of creation are you most thankful for, and why?”


If you want to check-out what our ZOOM services are like, recordings can be found on this page.


We lament the tragic deaths of Indigenous children now revealed at the Kamloops and Marieval Residential Schools, the many more such deaths yet to be exposed, the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, and all violence experienced by First Nations peoples. Let us live into Truth and Reconciliation.

Statement from the ELCIC bishops:

A Prayer for Kamloops Residential School Victims


For the foreseeable future, First Lutheran will continue to offer ZOOM Sunday morning worship. While an online service is different than being there in-person, many people have found spiritual sustenance and community life in our online services. You are invited and welcome to join us.


Please call or email Pastor Ralph Carl if interested, and he will provide the ZOOM log-in information.



If you would like to participate in our online Holy Communion — first and third Sundays — you my wish to read Pastor Wushke’s discussion paper –  click here to read it .


During this time when it is impossible to meet in person and contribute in the offering plate, fixed expenses for our ministries continue, and we invite people to consider other ways of supporting First Lutheran Church financially at this time.  Thank you.


Click here for more information

First Lutheran Church is following COVID 19 public health guidelines. As COVID 19 cases are on the rise in Ontario, and a survey of our congregation indicated that a majority prefers online worship during this time, we are postponing the resumption of in-person worship. When it happens in-person worship will comply with the guidelines of the Eastern Synod of the ELCIC.

The pandemic is both a material and spiritual challenge, as is any health crisis. We pray for those who have died, for the bereaved, for the caregivers, for researchers, for front-line workers and all who are affected by COVID 19 around the world.  If you are feeling isolated or lonely and would like to have a conversation with Pastor Ralph Carl Wushke, please use the contact information on the web site.


Although we can’t worship in the church building let’s continue to hold one another in prayer and practice our faith in our other ways. 

The World Council of Churches Spirituality Team provides a short outline for morning prayer in a time of COVID19 which is updated daily. Scroll down on this page

The ELCIC Council of Bishops has shared this prayer from the Lutheran World Federation which we commend to you: Lutheran World Federation Prayers during COVID-19

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